Flexible Methodologies: Quantitative or qualitative? Web surveys or focus groups? We have a diverse toolkit to answer any question you have.

Scalable Solutions: Whether you're targeting a large demographic or a specific niche, our research methods are designed to scale according to your needs, ensuring you get the most accurate and actionable insights.

In-Depth Analysis: Our qualitative methods, including focus groups and in-depth interviews, are perfect for when you need to uncover the 'why' behind the behaviors, preferences, and attitudes of your target audience.

Broad Overview: Utilize our quantitative research methods like web surveys and telephone interviews when you need to capture a panoramic view of the market landscape.

Data-Driven Decision Making: Armed with insights from our research, you can make informed decisions that align perfectly with your business goals and market demands.

In the multifaceted world of healthcare and pharmaceuticals, one size does not fit all—especially when it comes to market research. Medmind understands that each research question is unique and requires a tailored approach. Whether you're aiming to understand broad market trends or dig deep into specific topics, Medmind offers specialized research methodologies suited to your specific needs.



How Do We

Approach Market Research?

To effectively convey the correct message and enhance the image of your brand or company, it is imperative to establish a dependable understanding of your market. At Medmind, our objective is to provide your company with the means to cultivate a solid foundation for your strategic and tactical decisions through tailored market research and analyses.



Medmind tailors market research according to your informational needs and preferences, without resorting to any pre-made templates or forms.

Depending on the project's objectives and the underlying information requirements, we recommend diverse types of research and methodologies. Factors such as the product's position in its lifecycle, the competitive landscape, and whether it's a pharmaceutical prescribed by a limited number of specialists, or by GPs in primary care are crucial considerations when selecting the research approach.

With extensive experience in crafting surveys, questionnaires, and discussion guides for web-based surveys, CATI (telephone interviews), CAWI (computer assisted web interviews) and focus groups, we always take into account the unique conditions specific to your product and market.

Recognizing that market research is rarely an exact science, our goal is to come as close to the truth as possible. To achieve this, we employ various techniques such as hypothetical patient cases, product descriptions, associations, and similar approaches, all aimed at eliciting the most realistic responses in each scenario. We meticulously review the questionnaire with you to ensure it precisely aligns with your needs, fostering a sense of confidence in its suitability.



The method we employ to gather data is entirely dependent on the specific questions and context of the ongoing investigation. We possess extensive expertise in the field and have engaged in various forms of market research for numerous years – expertise that we apply to every new study, continually refining and enhancing our approaches.

Questioning the Questions
A pivotal aspect of market research is the willingness to exercise restraint and focus. It is easy to habitually pose the same questions repeatedly, add supplementary queries, or attempt to cover an excessive amount of ground in a single instance. As the client, it is imperative to deliberate on the reasons behind each specific question – and we consistently assist you in ensuring that the questions posed yield valuable insights, and you as the customer are always included in the process.

Purpose of the Response

The information and analysis you procure from us should ultimately empower you, the client, to make crucial decisions.



The process of refining data is pivotal in determining how you can effectively utilize the insights garnered from the survey. We operate with small, agile project teams characterized by streamlined communication channels, ensuring swift feedback loops with the client regarding interim results and discoveries along the way. This approach allows us to assimilate all the information gathered during recruitment, interviews, and quality checks into the final analysis. The conclusive analysis of results is, of course, conducted with your specific market context and inquiries in mind.